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What did she study in high school?
a) Chemistry
b) Biology
c) Physics
What did she study at university?
a) Medicine
b) Law
c) Technology
What sports did she play in high school?
a) Rowing
b) swimming
c) Both
What sport would she like to start doing again?
a) Rowing
b) Swimming
c) Both
What other memory of high shcool does she have?
a) Parties
b) Tests
c) Food
OK, Sophie, we're going to talk about high school. (OK) What was high school like?
It was great. Lots of fun. Lots of friends. Learned quite a bit at school.
So, what did you study in high school?
Um, I studied mainly sciences actually. (Oh, really!) Biology.
Did you study science in college?
Ah, Yes! Oh, No! I didn't. I went on to do a bachelor of technology.
Oh, really. Well, that's kind of similar.
Kind of similar. Related.
OK, what did you do in high school? Any clubs or anything?
Yeah, I did rowing for the school. I played basketball,
played tennis, was on the swimming team.

W ow, you're quite athletic. What sport did you like the most?
Rowing. Do you still row?
No, unfortunately not.
Would like to.
Do you think you'll pick it up some time in the future?
Yeah, maybe, if I'm around a lake or a river.
Yeah! Not too many lakes in Tokyo. Um, anything esle?
Any other memories about high school?
Um, yeah, lots of parties. It was good.
Sounds like a good time.
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