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How could students do their assignments?
a) Via e-mail
b) Through the web
c) Both
What was difficult for him?
a) Reading on a screen
b) Marking papers
c) Planning assignments
What was easy for him?
a) Marking papers
b) Collecting papers
c) Writing papers
What never lies?
a) The teacher
b) The students
c) The computer
How does he feel now about paperless classes?
a) It is too difficult
b) It is important to do
c) He does not care
OK, John, you were saying that you taught writing in America (Yeah) OK, and you said it
was a paperless class.
(Paperless class) OK, what does that mean, a paperless class?
Basically, it means that we didn't use paper. Right, there was no paper. All of the students'
assignments were posted on a web page, so for each of their papers that they had to write, each
of their essays, they could just go online and read the description of the assignment and all their
requirements, and then they had two options for handing in their essays; they could either type them
up and e-mail them to me or they could type them up directly in like a text format screen on the web,
so that I could, I would do all of the grading for the papers like online.
OK, did you like it as a teacher?
Uh, it was a bit difficult cause it takes a lot to get used to
reading everything on the screen, and it's, actually as far as like marking papers and grading them,
it's easier for you because you can just highlight something and make it red and be like, you know, red
needs spelling (oh, yeah) or whatever, and it's much quicker than like circling it and writing
"spelling" once you get in the habit of doing it with the mouse and have your color skeem
worked out, it goes very quick, and if you want to do a comment you can just, you know, change the font
or the size, and type directly in the text, and they know, "oh well, here's John's comment."
Did the student like it?
Most of the students liked it, but there was a small majority that, you know, usually when they were late,
or whenever they wanted to just like slip a paper under my door, and they couldn't do that, because you
know they would, I would know if their paper was late because you know, it wasn't, the computer doesn't
lie. It was logged in at this time and you know sent to me, so "yes it was late!" They couldn't, you know
get around that kind of paper trail.
So, you're a writer, do you think it actually helps students to do this stuff on computers or should
you go back to the pencil paper method?

Uh, I think it is important to be able to do both. I think that's the most important thing about being a writer
is being able to be versatile and go in different directions and write in different forms, but probably
as far as tools go these days, it's more important for students to be able to compose on a computer, because
most likely that is what they'll be doing most of their writing.
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