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What does he have in his fridge?
a) Meat
b) Fruit
c) Vegetables
What junk food does he really like (crave)?
a) Pizza
b) Ice cream
c) Donuts
What does he usually do for dinner?
a) Eat out
b) Take food home
c) Cook at home
Who does the cooking at his house?
a) He does
b) His wife does
c) They both do
What can he make better than his wife?
a) Lasagna
b) Chili
c) Tacos
OK, John, at your house do you have a refrigerator?
Yes, a very small refrigerator.
OK, what is in your refrigerator?
Let's see. There are some eggs, a carton of milk, some strawberry jam, some butter,
some cheese, maybe some tofu, some green onions, carrots, some lettuce, and maybe
some ice tea.
OK, so do you follow a healthy diet?
Ah, sometimes. I say about every other day I try to eat healthy and then on some days
I just go donut and candy crazy.
So donuts are your thing? You're really crazy about donuts.
Yeah, baked goods, cakes, donuts, cheesecake, any kind of cake or sweet bread.
Mm, actually you brought donuts today!
Yeah, I was given donuts by a student so, yeah, I was glad there was other people to
help me eat them so I didn't eat them all.
That was very nice of your students. Um, do you prefer to cook at home or eat out?
Um, usually I prefer to cook at home, just because there are a few dishes that my wife
and I like to make and that we're pretty good at, and that we're real comfortable with,
but if I'm real tired, if it's been a long day at work there's nothing better than just
going to a restaurant and being served you food right away, not having to wait.
So with your wife do you usually cook together or do you take turns cooking? Do you alternate?
We usually take turns. When we first started dating we would cook together. We had a big kitchen,
where she was living there was a big kitchen and there was room enough for both of us to move
around, and we were still really comfortable with each other, and open and we always wanted to
share ideas, but now we have a really small kitchen and there's really only room for one of us,
and also too we're at the point in our relationship where I know that she makes fried chicken
better than I do and she knows that I make chili better than she does so the other person should
just get out of the kitchen, and let the one who's cooking, you know, do their job.
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