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What pet did he have before the frog?
a) Snake
b) Turtle
c) Iguana
How long did he keep the frog?
a) Less than six months
b) At least six months
c) Six years
Who told him to get rid of it?
a) His wife
b) His friend
c) His mother
Who did he give the frog to?
a) A friend
b) The pet store
c) A local school
What happened to the frog later?
a) It died
b) It just got bigger
c) He never saw it again
Ah, John, can you talk a little bit about the frog that you got for your Valentine's day gift.
Sure, yeah, my wife gave me this Pac Man frog for Valentine's day, and basically it was this enormous,
stinky frog that would only eat baby mice, so you had to like feed it like a little tiny cute baby
mouse (oh, no!) like every week (yeah) and then it would just like leave this big mess, this stinky
mess, and you'd have to clean it up and at the time I had just gotten rid of an iguana, and like I didn't
want any pets and that was the gift my wife gave me so! (Oh, man, well, how long did you have it?)
I think I kept it for about six month. Maybe even a year. (That's a long time). Yeah. Well see, I kept
it until she moved in with me and then when she moved in with me, she said, "Wow, that thing really stinks!"
We should get rid of it." So we took it back to the pet store and just gave it back to them. (Oh, so you
took it back to the pet store. They took it)
Yeah, they took it. I looked around for someone to like give it
to, and everyone was like, "No, that thing is disgusting. No one wanted it and I asked the pet store would
they like pay for it, and they were like "No, no, you bought it" so I was just like, "Here, OK, have it back"
and they were "Fine, we'll sell it again" (Ok, do you ever know what happened to the frog?) No, maybe,
I went back to that pet store like a year after I gave it back to them and it was still there and it was like
twice the size, so I don't know if they ever got rid of it or not. (Great story)
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