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What kind of meat does he use?
a) Beef
b) Pork
c) Chicken
Where do the mushroom comes from ?
a) His garden
b) Canned soup
c) Frozen packages
Where do you make the casserole?
a) On a grill
b) In an oven
c) On the stove
How long does it take to make?
a) 30 minutes
b) 60 minutes
c) 90 minutes
Why does he not make it these days ?
a) He is busy
b) Ingredients are hard to find
c) He does not have a kitchen
Uh, John, so you're wife taught us how to make tacos.
She's a good woman.
Um, can you make anything.
Yeah, my favorite food is Mexican food. So I can make a pretty good Mexican chicken casserole.
OK, first of all, what are the ingredients?
Ah, let's see. Well, you need chicken, chili powder, rice, canned mushroom soup, and lots
of cheese.

OK, and how do you make it?
Basically, you cook the chicken. You can like grill it or bake it. Whatever you want and
you strip it into pieces and then you cook the rice and then you take the rice and the chicken
and the mushroom soup and the cheese and the chili powder and you basically mix it all together in
a big slop and then you put it in a casserole dish and throw it in the oven.

Oh, wow, sounds pretty good. How long does it take to make?
Uh, you could do it in about an hour. (An hour!) Yeah. (Wow, that's pretty fast)
An hour or under an hour.

OK, have you made it recently?
No, I haven't made it in awhile. It's hard to find all the ingredients. Cream of mushroom soup is,
I don't see it that often in Japan.

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