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When was the wedding?
a) Last year
b) Two years ago
c) Three years ago
How many people were at the wedding?
a) 20 to 30
b) 30 to 50
c) Over 100
How long did the ceremony last?
a) 10 to 15 minutes
b) 15 to 20 minutes
c) 20 to 25 minutes
Where was the wedding at?
a) His wife's parents' house
b) His parents' house
c) A house of close friends
Why couldn't people hear him?
a) He was crying
b) He was shy
c) He forgot his lines
OK, John could you tell us about your wedding day?
Sure, I got married about two years ago on May 18th. I got married in my wife's parents
backyard. They have a really beautiful backyard, with a pool and it's nicely landscaped,
with lots of nice flowers and bushes and trees. It was a kind of a small wedding
we only had about 30 to 50 people there, all close friends of the family, and a few family
members who I hadn't seen in a few years who were able to make it, but it was a pretty small affair
and we had the food catered, some seafood and some meat, steak, type items, and it was a beautiful
outdoor wedding. The actual ceremony only lasted about 15, 20 minutes. I cried, when I was
supposed to like, deliver my lines. I cried and everyone told me afterwards, they were like,
" I couldn't hear a word you were saying because you were crying, right!" and I was trying
not to talk loud cause the louder I got the louder my crying noises got, so I was like "Ah,
mmm, will you merry me?", just real quiet. But other than that it went pretty smooth.
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