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How long does she usually stay at the gym?
a) 1 hour
b) 2 hours
c) 3 hours
What does she do at the gym?
a) Play sports
b) Swim
c) Do yoga
What does she do in the special chair?
a) Stretch
b) Leg exercises
c) Get a massage
Who does she go to the gym with?
a) Nancy, her sister
b) Nicola, her roommate
c) Tina, her coach
What was she eating a lot of in Australia?
a) Pasta
b) Pizza
c) Hamburgers
Kate, how do you normally spend your evenings?
I've joined the gym here, so I go and exercise and go for a swim.
Swim. How long do you stay each time?
About 2 hours.
Wow. So what do you do during those two hours.
So we go to the gym for about an hour and then have a swim for half an hour
and then sauna for about ten minutes and then finish off with a massage.

Really, a massaging chair?
A massaging chair!
Wonderful, and so who do you go with?
I go with Nicola.
And Nicola is?
She's another teacher and she's who I live with, so.
Alright, good, good, good, good. Now when you're in the gym,
do you do weights? Do you do cardio? Aerobics? Running? Walking?
We do everything really. Aerobics and weights.
Aerobics and weights are the best.
The gyms here are much better than back home.
Oh, yeah. What's the biggest difference?
They have games on the machines so if you're cycling, you're also playing a game where you have to blow up
the other cyclists so it makes it a bit more interesting than just exercising.

Uh-huh! So it passes the time by. Yeah, lot quicker. And then why are you exercising?
Do you have a certain reason, a goal in mind?
Yeah, because I put on a lot of weight when I was in Australia because I was eating too much
pizza and, good breakfast, and drinking far too much beer.

So you just want to shed those extra pounds.
Yeah, that I put on and get back to the original weight that I was.
Well, good luck to you.
Thank you.
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