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What city is she from?
a) Liverpool
b) Manchester
c) London
Where does her heritage come from ?
a) Scotland
b) Ireland
c) Wales
What was her grandfather originally going to become?
a) A priest
b) A soldier
c) A teacher
How does she describe Irish people?
a) Warm and funny
b) Cold and serious
c) Same as English people
Has she ever been to Ireland?
a) Not yet
b) Just once
c) Many times
Kate, where are you from?
I'm from London in England.
OK, and your heritage is..?
My heritage is Irish. My grandparents were Irish, both sets of grandparents.
Oh, wow. What part of Ireland were they from?
They're from Galway City.
Where is that?
Uh, that's on the west coast of Ireland. (OK) It's really beautiful there.
Absolutely gorgeous.

Great, and do they move to England?
Yeah, my grandfather actually came over to become a priest, but obviously he didn't.
So yeah, then, he met my grandmother who also come over from England and then they
got married. So, yeah, my name is an Irish name. Kate's an Irish name and Kenny as well, my
surname. It's a very Irish name.

Wow, so now what was it like having Irish grandparents in England?
I think initially for them it was difficult when they first came over
because there weren't many jobs for the Irish and there as quite a lot of prejudice
against the Irish, but it's wonderful having Irish heritage because there's such funny
warm kind people. Really interesting. They can tell a good story
(Yeah) so it was
great to have that.

Yeah, so have you been to Ireland?
Oh, yeah. Many times. Yeah.
Did you go and see where they grew up and...
Yeah. Yeah.
It's a beautiful place. I've been there lots of times. I want to go back. Definitely.
Really lovely country and the people are so friendly. It's so beautiful there.
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