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Why does she like the Beatles?
a) Their songs make her happy
b) She likes the beat
c) She thought they were cute
How did she listen to them?
a) On a record player
b) On a tape cassette
c) On the radio
What does she want to do?
a) Buy every album
b) Go to Liverpool
c) Meet a Beatle
Who was her favorite Beatle?
a) Ringo
b) John
c) Paul
Who is her least favorite Beatle?
a) George
b) Ringo
c) Paul
So Kate, tell me about your favorite music!
I'd say my favorite music would have to be the Beatles(Yeah) I love the Beatles,
cause they always make me happy and I've grown up with the Beatles
Uh-huh, so you're parents listen to it?
Yeah, so we have all these old 45's when I was younger and this record player, and so
we had loads of like Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles and the Stones so that was
the music I grew up listening to, and that's what I still really love.
Oh, awesome, and so do you like have a favorite song or?
Yeah, probably it's "Happiness is a warm gun" (Ah, yeah) which is on the White Album.
Yeah, right, right, cool.
I love all their albums. But I haven't been to Liverpool yet. I'd like to go. (OK)
That would be nice.
And do you have a favorite Beatle?
John Lennon, definitely. He's definitely the coolest. I like his songs.
Do you like his individual work?
Yeah. (Yeah) Yeah. Some of them, like "Imagine" is really good. Yeah, he's definitely my favorite.
Though, I quite like, um, George as well. That was sad when he died, cause he was, yeah, he
was real individual. I like Ringo, but Paul not so much.
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