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What will she do in Australia?
a) Study
b) Work
c) Visit family
Where will she lie on the beach?
a) Fiji
b) Malaysia
c) Australia
Where does he best friend live now?
a) Malaysia
b) Thailand
c) Vietnam
What country will be her last stop in Asia ?
a) Lao
b) Sri Lanka
c) India
Where did her friend immigrate (move to) ?
a) America
b) England
c) Canada
So Kate what is, what's this future trip? What are you gonna do next year?
Ah, next year, so when I leave Japan, I'm going back to Australia to work for another
8 weeks (Uh-huh) and then I'm off to New Zealand to see the rest of New Zealand and then
Fiji and then, and then it'd be nice there cause I get to spend some time lying
on the beach and then go to the Cook Islands. After the Cook Islands I'm going to go
and see my best friend. She lives in Kuala Lumpur, so I'm going to go and do the East
Coast of Malaysia (OK) and then I'm gonna go to Thailand and the Cambodia and then
Vietnam and Lao and then India, and that's as far as I got.
OK, so after that point you don't know where you're gonna go?
No, I don't know where I'm gonna go. Probably, probably I'm gonna head towards Canada
because one of my best friend's immigrated there so I'd like to see him.
Wow, so how long do you think you're going to be traveling for then?
Three years.
For three years. (Yeah) Wow, so now, do you have, like a plan after that or?
Yeah, after I finish my travels I'm going to go back home and I've just finished my Master's
before I came up, so I'm going to go back and do my PhD. in Psychology and then I'm going to
train to be a psychologist.
Wonderful. Great. Well thanks Kate.
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