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What is his favorite color?
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Orange
What is his favorite fruit?
a) Apples
b) Bananas
c) Oranges
What does he say about oranges in Canada?
a) They are better than oranges in Japan
b) They are worse than oranges in Japan
c) They are the same as oranges in Japan
Why does he like Spring?
a) It is very green
b) It is not too hot
c) It has the hockey playoffs
What is his favorite movie?
a) The Last Samurai
b) The Mummy
c) Gladiator
OK, Shawn, I'm going to talk about your favorites. (Sure) What's your favorite color?
I say, green
OK. And what's your favorite fruit?
My favorite fruit: orange.
Oranges. I love oranges. Very sweet and good for the body.
Yeah, have you had any of the oranges in Japan?
I've had a couple. Much better than the ones I have back in Canada.
Oh, really. OK. Um, what's your favorite season?
I'd say spring, cause it's a combination of warm weather, at the
same time it's not hot like it is in the summer. In spring it's a
bit cool. You can walk around very relaxed. It the best. It's a
combination of all the seasons in one.

OK. Um, what's your favorite movie?
My favorite movie! I'd have to say "Gladiator." Russel Crow. It's a tragic
movie about a very strong leader who, how_should_I_say, triumphs over,
how_should_I_say, over very overpowering conflicts. It's, um, plus, I'm
a bit of an action movie buff. I know it's sad to hear but, it's definitely
an interesting movie.

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