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What sport does he compare it to?
a) American Football
b) Soccer
c) Both
How long is the game?
a) 80 minutes
b) 90 minutes
c) 100 minutes
What is stamina?
a) You are strong
b) You can run a long time
c) You are fast
What does he claim rugby has given him?
a) Leadership skills
b) Many broken bones
c) Lots of headaches
Where does rugby have a cult following?
a) Canada
b) Mexico
c) All over the world
Hey, Shawn you're a big guy. (Thank you) Do you play rugby?
I did in the past.
OK, how does rugby work?
It's a bit like American football and soccer put together. It's, the ball's about the size
of an American football, but the game, in American football you pass forward, but in
rugby you pass backwards. Games are a bit shorter. Their 80 minutes long. Less
stopages than American football, but like soccer it's continuous play, how_should_I-say,
it's a physically demanding sport, probably the one of the most physically demanding sports
in the world.

OK, so you say it's physically demanding. How is it physically demanding?
Um, you have to be extremely strong, but at the same time, you have to have, wha_chu_call,
an extreme line on stamina to play this sport. Without stamina, you can not continue in this

OK, just some people may not know, what is stamina?
You have to be able to run for 80 minutes (OK) in the game. Besides the game rugby has a bit of
it's own culture. A bit of a cult in the world. It's a very small following but people do follow
it, follow it very devoutly, very seriously, and it, how_should_I_say, I can honsestly say rugby has
been a big part in changing me into the person that I am presently.

Uh-huh. How so?
Um, sort of, how I can develop my leadership skills, my social skills, and how to work as a team
player, in such a, how_should_I-say, in that time when you do play rugby, it's so aggressive, and
it teaches you how to be a leader in tight situations, and it shows how you can truly push yourself
to the limit, and not go, how_should_I_say, not go over the limit

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