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Is Toronto a good place for families?
a) He thinks so
b) He doesn't think so
c) He does not say
Why is Toronto good for social types?
a) It has many good bars
b) It has many health clubs
c) It has many festivals
What is one thing he does not like?
a) The homeless problem
b) The weather
c) The problem with traffic
What other North American city does he compare it to?
a) New York
b) Chicago
c) Montreal
What always makes his head turn?
a) Birds
b) Dogs
c) Girls
OK, hello!
What's your name please?
My name is Shawn O'reily
Shawn O'reily.
Yes, sir!
OK, that's an Irish name?
Yes, sir!
OK, and where are you from?
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
OK, why don't you talk a little bit about Toronto.
It's a very diverse, multi-cultural city. I feel it's a great place to raise your family.
There's a lot of great family areas. I'd say some of the shopping malls are very good for
pretty much anybody. And for the social types they have many bars in Toronto, unfortunately
Toronto has a bit of a homeless problem, how_should_I_say, it's tiresome over the years,
like every time you go downtown, you're bound to bump into a homeless person, like, wha_cha_call_it,
for a city of 4 million compared to New York City that does not have a homeless problem (yeah)
it's pretty embarrassing. Um, how_should_I_say,at times it can be unsafe if you're around them
because you're constantly being pestered by them, but, I'd say it's a good city, how_should_I_say,
many different things to do, you're just not confined to one area of the city to have fun, you
can go pretty much anywhere in the south end of the city and have fun.
OK, wow, sounds like a really good place.
And of course, a lot of good looking girls in Toronto. Many different kinds so it's definitely
one of those places where you'll have, how_should_I_say, you'll have neck problems cause you'll
constantly turning your head for all the good looking girls
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