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Why is hockey a good spectator sport?
a) It has lots of action
b) It is indoors
c) You can feel the ice
What does he eat when you plays hockey?
a) Peanuts
b) Pizza
c) Hot dogs
Who won World Championships?
a) The men's team
b) The women's team
c) Both of them
How long is a hockey game with stoppages?
a) Less than one hour
b) About one hour
c) Over two hours
In street hockey what is used as a puck?
a) Baseball
b) Tennis ball
c) Golf ball
OK, Steve you were saying that you're a big hockey fan.
That's right.
(I love hockey) OK. Why? What is it about hockey?
Well, hockey is a really exciting sport. It's played on the ice. It's really fast.
It's aggressive. Also, it requires a lot of skill. It's a really good sport for spectators
to watch because there's lots of action. You can watch it at home with friends. Drink beer,
eat pizza, and have a really good time. I also like it because I'm Canadian and it's Canada's
national sport, and Canada is the best hockey team in the world right now.
Now Canada has the best hockey team.
That's right. We won the gold medal. We won the world championship.
Both the men's and the women's teams.
Wow, that's pretty cool. In hockey, how long is the game?
The game is three twenty minute periods, but because of stoppages in play , it usually takes about
two and a half hours for a whole game.
Oh, OK, and did you play in high school when you were younger?
Ah, no, I'm not that good a skater. You have to be a really good skater, but I played street hockey
and floor hockey.
OK, what's the difference between street hockey and ice hockey?
W ell, it's pretty much the same thing. Street hockey you play on the road or on a tennis court and instead
of using a puck you use a hockey ball or a tennis ball.
OK, and do you run or?
Yeah, you run.
Oh, you run!
Yeah. It's pretty well the same game.
OK, alright, thanks Steve.
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