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What is an onsen?
a) A private bath
b) A public bath
c) A cold bath
Why does he like it?
a) It's healthy
b) It's relaxing
c) Both
What do they put in the water?
a) Bubbles
b) Minerals
c) Fish
How long does he take a bath for?
a) About 10 minutes
b) About 30 minutes
c) About an hour or two
What does he like to do after an onsen?
a) Go to karaoke
b) Go eat sushi
c) Get a massage
Hi, this is Steve. I'm going to talk about Japanese Onsen. Onsen is like a public bath,
where men go, or women, in separate areas of course, and enjoy very hot baths. I like it very
much because it's very relaxing and it's very healthy. They have different kinds of baths
with different sort of flavors, you might say. Some baths have minerals like sulfur, or radium,
or even camphor in them and they have different health benefits. After bathing in an onsen, for
an hour or two you take a shower, shave, and wash your body and then afterwards, you feel really,
really good. I like to go for sushi after onsen.
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