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Why does he like pizza?
a) He can eat it cold
b) He can eat it every day
c) It is not expensive
Why else does he like pizza so much?
a) It is easy to eat
b) There is lots of variety
c) It has all the food groups
What else does he like on pizza ?
a) Onions
b) Pineapple
c) Olives
Can he make pizza?
a) Yes, but not well
b) Yes, very well
c) No, not at all
How do good pizzerias serve pizza?
a) With olive oil
b) With cheese in the crust
c) With Italian cheese
Hi, this is Steve. I'd like to talk about pizza. Pizza is my favorite food.
I like it because you can have pizza every day and it can be different each time.
My favorite toppings on pizza are pepperoni, mushrooms, basil, garlic. I like lots
of cheese also. Olives are really good on Pizza as well. I like pizza with a thick
crust but I also like the crust to be somewhat crunchy. I know how to make pizza
quite well and I think some of the best pizzerias that you can go to usually serve it with
olive oil, chili's and parmesan cheese. That's how I like it.
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