Ed Tech Training for Educators

Learn how to teach online and create interactive lessons! This course is designed for teachers and students interested in teaching their language, hobby or culture online to an international audience.

The course consists of the five modules listed below. All the lessons are designed for total beginners, but more advanced students can still benefit from the lessons.

Module 1: A Class with SAAS

  • Audacity: Make audio lessons
  • Blogger: Create an educational web page
  • Canva: Make snazzy images
  • Dropbox: Store, share and host lesson materials
  • Evernote: Create and share lesson plans
  • Facebook: Create an online community.
  • Google Forms: Create surveys, email lists and quizzes.

In the first module, the class looks at various free online tools to create an online learning environment. Students can learn how to create their own educational site and products.

Module 2: Digital Domains and Downloads

  • Gimp: Make effective visuals for educational purposes
  • HTML: Create websites, e-books and worksheets
  • iTunes: Add text, meta data, and images to audio
  • Jing: Capture images and video on your computer
  • Keep: Get organized with online notes

In this module, participants learn how to make basic websites from scratch for various purposes. These lessons show how to make multi-purpose materials with HTML that renders on any device and that also exports as PDFs.

Module 3: Flip the Script

  • Kahoot: Create time-sensitive interactive games
  • LearnClick: Create interactive reading lessons
  • Mailchimp: Create an email following
  • Nearpod: Run live lessons on remote monitors
  • Online Quiz Creator: Share quizzes online
  • Prezi: Make dynamic presentations
  • Quizizz: Create online and printable quizzes
  • Remeberthemilk: Set and share reminders for to-do lists
  • Socrative: Create, share, collect, and assess homework.

This module looks at various online tools teachers can use to deploy interactive quizzes and presentations inside and outside the classroom. Learn how to create an asynchronous learning environment that students can access anytime and anywhere.

Module 4: Potent Printables

  • Open Office Draw: Make printed materials with ease
  • One Drive: Host, share and distribute materials online
  • Pic Monkey: Create visuals for promotional purposes
  • Pintrest: Share printed works with like-minded people.
  • QR Stuff: Sync printables with content via smart-phones
  • Sound Cloud: Host and link to audio online
  • Twitter: Let the world see what you have done

Learn how to make printable worksheets and e-books that sync with audio and video via QR codes, as well as how to promote content and share them online using social media.

Module 5: MOOCs and More

  • Screencast-O-Matic: Record video lessons
  • Tumblr: Make a basic educational site
  • Teachable: PUSH a MOOC
  • Udemy: PUSH a MOOC
  • Vimeo: Host and share videos online
  • Wordpress, Wix, Weebly: Create an LMS
  • Xoyondo: Schedule events and take polls
  • Youtube: Create a learning channel
  • Zoom: Host an online class synchronously

In the last module, we learn how to make a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that allows students to take a course online just as they would in a classroom setting. The module looks at how to create content, host content and hold classes online.

The four-week course costs just 40 USD

That's just 10 USD a week to learn loads of tech and have fun!


If you have any questions about the course, you can contact me here.

Course Contents

  • Access to daily video and email tutorial
  • Access to downloadable video library
  • Feedback on assignments
  • Access to the course for a year

Course Cost = 40 USD


Once students register for the class, they will get a welcome email within 24 hours. Each week they will get links to attend classes online and links to lesson materials.

A to Z of Free

All tools used in the class are free or freemium!

About the Teacher

My name is Todd Beuckens and I have been an ESL teacher for over 20 years. I have an MA from San Diego State in Learning, Design and Technology.

I have created several online websites to learn language. I use many of the tools listed in the course with my classes on a regular basis.

About the Course

Each module comes with individual video tutorials showing how to create content step-by-step. Students can download the videos for viewing offline if they wish.

Note that students can join the class at anytime. Each module is independent of other modules, so for example a student can join in and start at module three and then take module one the next time it comes around in the cycle.

Once a student has paid for a course, they can take it as many times as they like.

Each lesson, the instructor will challenge the students to complete an assignment, such as make a worksheet or create a simple blog. Students do not need to do the assigments to keep up with the course!

All tools and online platforms are free or freemium so students do not need to pay for additional materials.