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Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words listed below.
  1. He acts but he never goes to church.
  2. A paycheck is most people's to go to work.
  3. If you never eat vegetables, in the you will get sick.
  4. A swing is like a because it moves back and forth.
  5. I like studying sports history, but it is not in the job market.

Comprehension Quiz
Answer the questions. Some have more than one answer.
119 More Pay Debate
Todd and Monica continue their debate about teacher's pay.
Monica: You mentioned science teaching, and I know, having been a food technology teacher, that science teachers and food technology teachers share a subject that has a practical element to it, and I think in schools there needs to be a lot of support put in place so that the practical element of the subject is taken care of, and that's... one idea I have for keeping those kinds of teachers in schools.

Todd: But, I do see what you're saying, and I do think that you need to have balance in the workplace. But on the other hand, if for example, a technology teacher or a math teacher makes more, then naturally then more students, or college teachers will maybe take that subject and that will, you know, basically lower the salaries eventually, but you need to have an incentive so that people think, "Oh, I make more if I'm a math teacher, so I'm going to study to be a math teacher." So I think that in the long run, it'll make everything balance out.

Monica: Well, I think in the long run you're going to have a problem, because if you make maths teachers and science teachers have a higher salary, then you're going to be short of your English teachers 10 years down the track. And you're going to be short of your, you know, religious education teachers, and... what other subjects are there? There's quite a few, actually these days. You're not going to solve the problem long term, because you're going to get the pendulum swinging the other way.

Todd: Right, but...

Monica: Aren't you?

Todd: Yeah, but you're always going to have a shortage, but that's the way that you correct the problem.

Monica: Well then, what? So for 5 years science and maths teachers get paid more, then the next 5 years you swing it to the English teachers and the food technology teachers, and then once you get people becoming interested in those jobs, you swing it back again?

Todd: Yeah, pretty much.

Monica: That seems very, very random.

Todd: Well, maybe I'll have to take another look.

Monica: Maybe.





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