Audio Notes #118 Pay Debate

samplepay scale

Teachers should have a different pay scale.

When you have a pay scale, you have different pay for different jobs, people, or positions. When you start a job, you might be low on the pay scale because you are new and do not have experience. As you work longer for company, you might go up the pay scale, meaning you earn more money. For some jobs, people with more education or skill are higher on the pay scale, meaning their pay is higher than other employees.

sampleprivate industry

The science teachers can take their skills to the private industry.

Private industry means companies that earn revenue (or money) independently. The opposite of the private industry is the public sector, which usually is the government. The private industry usually earns money by selling goods or services, such as a car company. The public sector often offers free or very cheap services, like the post office or police department. Sometimes the pay scale is higher in the private industry, but sometimes the pay scale is less in the private industry. The private industry can also be called the private sector.

samplein effect

Teachers are getting paid more for what's, in effect, the same work.

The phrase in effect means the real situation and the imagined situation are different. For example, if a student sees a test before the class, that student is in effect cheating when they take the test because they have already seen the answers. If you tell someone you like their new haircut, even if you do not think so but you want to be polite, you are still in effect lying to them. If a teacher gives students candy so they are excited to come to class, that teacher is, in effect, bribing the students. The phrases in reality, and basically, are similar in meaning.

samplecreate animosity

You are going to create a lot of animosity amongst your staff.

When you have animosity, you have hatred or anger or dislike for something. In sports, some fans have a lot of animosity towards other teams, especially their rival teams. For example, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee fans have lots of animosity towards each other. You can create animosity in other people if you do something to make them upset or unhappy. For example, if a teacher always gives three hours of homework every night, that teacher might create animosity with the students. If the students never listen and are bad in class, they then might create animosity in the teacher about them.

sampleroot of the problem

You have to look at the root of the problem more deeply.

The root of the problem is the main reason for a problem. For example, some people think the root of the problem with drugs is that people cannot get god jobs, so they sell drugs. Some people think the root of the problem with global warming is people driving too many cars. If a student has poor grades, the root of the problem might be that he or she works too much and has no time to study.