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Todd: Lois, actually how old are you Lois?

Lois: I'm 25.

Todd: OK, 25, so, do you have any early childhood memories? What's the earliest thing you can remember from Childhood?

Lois: Uh, my memories from my choldhood aren't very good. I can't remeber that much, but I do remember one thing. I must have only been about 3 or 4, I'm not sure, and I was on holiday with my family, and my grandparents and I had an ice cream and I wanted to climb to the top of this hill, and my parentes were like," No, No, No. Wait until you finish your ice cream, and then you can go" and I was like, "Nope, I'm going to go now" so I climbed to the top of the hill. It was only a small hill, I was only little and then I dediced it would be great to run down the hill really fast, which I did, and I ran to the bottom of the hill, fell over, ice cream all over me, and I don't think I got another ice cream after that.

Todd: Oh that's funny, and other memories from childhood.

Lois: I think I also remember pushing my brothers around in my brother's pram and him falling out and banging his head and there being lots of blood. I think I might have got is a lot of trouble for that one.

Todd: Oh! So you have a younger brother?

Lois: I have a younger brother and I have an older brother.

Todd: Oh, OK

Lois: So I'm the middle child, which is not always good because when we used to go on holiday my brothers would always fight in the car, so I always had to sit in the middle of them so if they were fighting I could stop the fighting, so I didn't like being the middle child.

Todd: Well, I sure you served a good purpose for your parents.

Lois: Well, I hope so, but still my brothers are now 27 and 23 and they still fight now, so I didn't actually manage to stop that.

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