Audio Notes #346 Parasite Child



What are the demographics of your population?

Demographics refers to the make up of a population. It refers to the people of an area by age, sex, race, and so on. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. The demographics of most universities consists of young, smart students from good families.
  2. The demographics of a football match in the Premier League in England is mainly young males between the age of 20 and 40.

shrinking (to shrink)


They have a population that's shrinking.

When something shrinks it gets smaller in size. If you put clothes in hot water, sometimes they shrink. If the population of a city gets smaller each year because people move out of the city, then the city population is shrinking. Shrink is an irregular verb, so you have the verb forms shrink, shrank and shrunk. Here are some sample sentences.

  1. My waist is shrinking because now I walk to work.
  2. My shirt has shrunk so much, I can't wear it anymore.

move out


They still live with their parents, so they don't move out.

This phrasal verb, move out, means to leave one's house or residence for another house or residence. The term move out often refers to young people leaving their parents home to live on their own. Notice the following sample sentence:

In the United States, most teens move out of their parents house by the time they are 21, but with the bad economy, many young people do not move out until much later.

you would think


There is a lot of land, so you would think that housing would be very cheap.

The phrase, you would think, lets the speaker know what is being said is not logical. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. In the United States, all supermarkets have a wide variety of cheap fruits and vegetables, so you would think people would eat healthily, but in reality they don't.
  2. Bob got a promotion, so you would think he would be happy, but he is not because he does not want extra work.

find out about


That is interesting to find out about.

When you find out about something you get information about it. Notice this is a three-part phrasal verb for it has three words. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. You should find out about a job, before you start working there.
  2. My wife found out about my affair, so we are getting a divorce.