Audio Notes #347 Carnival

confess their sins


People go to church and confess their sins.

A sin is something bad that is forbidden by religion. For example, telling a lie is considered a sin. To confess a sin is to admit to someone you did something bad. In the Catholic religion, people go to church to tell the priest about their sins. This is to confess your sins.



The festival is not government run.

When you run something, that means you manage it. A government run operation is then managed by the government. Notice the following:

  1. The restaurant is family run.
  2. He has run that business for a long time.

judged on + something


They are judged on their costumes.

When you judge something, that means you make a judgement about it. The phrasal very 'judged on' needs an object to show what is being judged. Notice the following:

  1. The chefs were judged on taste and creativity.
  2. In the interview, you will surely be judged on your appearance.



Carnival is launched from the year before.

When you launch something, you start it. The word 'launch' refers to shooting something into the air. For example, a rocket is launched into space, but we also use the word 'launch' to describe the start of a process or project. See the following examples.

  1. He just launched a new career in music.
  2. The band's world tour was launched in London.

on display


The costumes are on display for the people to see.

When something is 'on display' it is put in a place where people can easily see it. Notice the following sample sentences:

  1. There are some jackets on display in the window.
  2. Did you see the new shoes on display at the mall?