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  1. It is hard to find a job because of the economic .
  2. Because of his head injury, he became .
  3. The city built a housing shelter to help fight .
  4. The is famous for good seafood.
  5. is when a city keeps speading outward.

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357 Worst of San Francisco
Todd talks about the worst things about his home city of San Francisco.
Todd: Okay Mr. Todd, I have mentioned about the good things and the bad things about my city. What about yours? Actually you mentioned you come from America, but which part of city you come from?

Todd: Oh, I'm from San Francisco.

Lia: Okay, so what is the good... bad things first about your city.

Todd: The bad things, yeah, no, there's definitely some bad things about San Francisco. Let's see... well, I think one is that... what we call as urban sprawl, or suburban sprawl, so the city of San Francisco itself is quite beautiful, but if you go to the towns outside the city, especially if you go to the East, we've had a lot of development and they built housing projects, and just more and more housing. So on the outer parts of the Bay Area, we have a serious problem with urban sprawl or suburban sprawl, too many houses being built. And now we have a housing crisis, and so this was part of the problem.

Lia: Anything else other than the... that problem?

Todd: Well I would say that another problem would probably be homelessness, so we have a lot of homelessness in the United States. I think it's quite surprising for some people that they see America as a rich country and then they come on vacation and then they'll see a lot of people on the street. They don't have a home, they don't have a job, and they look quite helpless, or hopeless, so that's definitely a big problem. And some of the people on the street are mentally ill, so it's something that really... we don't have a solution for, and at some point it should probably be taken care of, but I don't see how.

Lia: Is that it? Is there any other problems in your city?

Todd: Well for one, San Francisco is really expensive. So it's one of the pricier cities in America, so people that live in the city all have high paying jobs but it's a big problem because, if you're a teacher, or maybe a policeman, or you have just a basic job, it's very hard to live in the city, people can't find housing, so that's kind of a big, big problem.

And, there's some crime, but I think in general it's pretty safe. America's pretty safe, but we do have some crime. People often hear about gun crime and things like that, and so we do have some violence, but I think it's not as bad as people think. Like in general, the cities are safer, and crime doesn't happen that often, but it can happen.

Lia: What about the weather or the pollution, do you experience any kind of problem?

Todd: Actually San Francisco almost has no pollution because... yeah 'cause the wind blows everything in, and there's not a lot of industry, like we don't have factories anymore. So there is some pollution from the cars, but the way San Francisco is, and the way that the wind is, it kind of just blows everything away, so the air is pretty clean, actually.

Lia: Wow, I envy you.

Todd: Yeah, but it's different, like if you go to cities like Los Angeles, it's quite the opposite. They have a very serious problem.

Lia: Oh, I see. San Francisco seems really nice.

Todd: Sometimes.