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  1. I love pizza, but I it sometimes.
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366 Jamaican Music
Pernais talks about Bob Marley and her tastes in music.
Doron: So Pernais, you're from Jamaica, right?

Pernais: I am.

Doron: I'm a bit ashamed that all I know about Jamaica I think is Bob Marley and reggae music. Is it true that everybody loves reggae music?

Pernais: In Jamaica?

Doron: Yeah.

Pernais: Well, I'm not sure what everybody loves, but reggae is very popular back home. But Jamaicans listen to a lot of different types of music, really.

Doron: What kinds of music.

Pernais: Mostly American stuff, because America is so close. So, Jamaican teenagers, you'll find lots of them listen to hip hop and R&B, as well as pop music and even rock music.

Doron: So, I seem to remember that you like Bob Marley, right?

Pernais: I do. I love Bob Marley.

Doron: What's so great about him?

Pernais: I think the best thing about Bob Marley and his music is that, even after he died the songs still live on, and they touch so many people not only in Jamaica, but around the world, really.

Doron: Yeah.

Pernais: So he was always singing for people who were oppressed, and, you know, just singing to make people more positive, really.

Doron: Yeah, it worked. Yeah, most of his songs are pretty upbeat, right?

Pernais: Yes.

Doron: You have a favorite Bob Marley song or album?

Pernais: My favorite Bob Marley song would be... I'm trying to remember the title. I... there are so many Bob Marley songs to choose from, it's really hard to say I love this one or I love that one, more, so...

Doron: Yeah, I...

Pernais: Maybe the popular ones...

Doron: That's... I was about to say the opposite. I kind of get a bit sick of Bob Marley songs sometimes. Don't kill me, but... last time I went on a holiday to a beach island, there was one bar and it was a reggae bar, which I think they thought meant a Bob Marley bar. And they just played the same four songs again and again. So I kind of got sick of them. I quite like hearing a new song. Obviously not new, but something I haven't heard before.

Pernais: I don't think you'll hear anything new from Bob Marley.

Doron: Well the Beatles are somehow making new music still.

Pernais: He's been dead for a while now.

Doron: Yeah. How... Did he have a lot of songs and albums? Is it like, hundreds or...

Pernais: He did. He did have quite a lot of music, some of it released after he died.

Doron: So he was making music after he died.

Pernais: It wasn't “making” it. It was being released.

Doron: Same thing.

Do you know, can you recommend any other Jamaican artists that people might not know about?

Pernais: Peter Tosh, is...

Doron: Who's he?

Pernais: Well, he's not very, he's not as popular as Bob Marley, but he used to be in Bob Marley's band.

Doron: Okay.

Pernais: He was one of the Wailers. The band was Bob Marley and the Wailers. And, he was one of the Wailers, so, he was a back-up singer. For most of the time he sang with the band, but he went solo after that and his music is amazing.

Doron: Pete Tosh?

Pernais: Peter. Peter Tosh.

Doron: How do you spell that? T-O-S-H?

Pernais: Yes.

Doron: I'll listen out for it. Do you have it?

Pernais: Yes I do.

Doron: Maybe I could borrow some?

Pernais: Maybe.

Doron: Borrow, of course. I'll give it back.

Pernais: Maybe.

Doron: Okay.