Audio Notes #357 Worst of San Francisco
urban sprawl

My city suffers from urban sprawl.

Urban sprawl happens when a city continues to grow outward. To sprawl means to stretch out on the ground, so urban sprawl is when a city grows wider and wider. Notice the following examples:

  1. The city is trying to stop urban sprawl by making it hard to build on empty land.
  2. Because of urban sprawl, the city is no longer beautiful.

Bay Area


The San Francisco Bay Area is a nice place to live.

The Bay Area consists of three major cities: San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Those three cities are all on the San Francisco Bay, so they make up the Bay Area. Surprisingly, even though San Francisco is the most famous of the three cities, it is the smallest of the three cities. San Jose is actually the largest of the three.



We are in the middle of a serious housing crisis.

A crisis is a time of serious difficulty or hardship. In a crisis, things are expected to get worse unless things are done to correct a bad situation. Notice the following examples:

  1. The government has no solution to the economic crisis.
  2. The family was in crisis after the father was arrested for selling drugs.



My city has a big problem with homelessness.

People who do not have a home and must live on the street are called homeless people, or 'the homeless'. Homelessness is a noun and refers to the problem as a whole. Notice the following sample sentences:

  1. The city is opening a shelter to deal with the rise in homelessness.
  2. Because homeless people do not vote, most politicians do not care about homelessness.

mentally ill


People who are mentally ill have a hard time keeping a job.

People who are mentally ill have a hard time thinking like most people do. Mentally ill people often have much more stress, worries and fears than most people.



It is one of the pricier cities in America.

The adjective 'pricy' means to be expensive. We often use the word pricy with luxury good or things associated with wealthy people. See the samples below:

  1. He lives in one of the pricier parts of town.
  2. The restaurants around here are quite pricy.