Audio Notes #360 Best of Jakarta

luxury goods


I love window shopping for luxury goods.

A luxury good is a very expensive item that usually only rich people can afford. Luxury is a noun. Luxurious is an adjective. See the following examples:

  1. BMW is considered a luxurious car.
  2. Only rich people tend to buy luxury goods.



People are interested in foreigners.

A foreigner is a person who is new to an area and from another culture. The word foreigner is most often used to describe people from different countries than ones own. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. There are always many foreigners at the airport.
  2. We have a few foreign exchange students at my school.

get around


What is the best way to get around your city?

To get around, refers to going from one place to another, usually within a small area, like a city. It is often used to talk about commuting from place to place.

  1. Children like to get around by bicycle.
  2. My city is easy to get around by foot.



A pickpocket took my wallet.

A pickpocket is a person who steals your wallet or money from your pockets while you are not looking. The verb is 'to pickpocket'. Notice the samples:

  1. Undercover police caught a pickpocket on the subway.
  2. I was pickpocketed on my trip. Luckily, they did not get my passport.



The bus is convenient because it stops by my house.

When something is convenient, it makes life easier for people. If something makes life harder, then it is inconvenient. Notice the examples:

  1. It is convenient to live next to the supermarket.
  2. If it is not inconvenient, can you take me to the airport tomorrow?



It is risky to take the bus because of pickpockets.

When something is risky, that means it might be dangerous, or that there is a good chance something bad will happen. Notice the sample sentences:

  1. It is risky to drive a car without insurance.
  2. It is risky to never lock the doors of your house.