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  1. My favorite of the day is breakfast.
  2. The are the side dishes that go with the main dish.
  3. Everything about New Years the clock striking twelve.
  4. Because of the flood there was a poor .
  5. We invited our to come and eat with us.

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432 Canadian Thanksgiving
Matt shares and compares Canada's version of Thanksgiving.
Rachel: So what's your favorite holiday in your country, Canada?

Matt: Canada, well, there's so many holidays but they really match a lot of other countries'. One holiday I really like though is Thanksgiving.

Rachel: Really, do you celebrate that in Canada?

Matt: Yeah, we do, we do. It's the first Sunday in October, and it'll always work out to be a long weekend.

Rachel: Right.

Matt: So, it was one of my favorite holidays because a lot of people end up going away. And, it was nice, you start the school year, it's the first big holiday, and you go away with your family, and have a chance to eat lots of food and stuff, so it was always one of my favorite holidays for those reasons.

Rachel: Yeah. I thought only America celebrated Thanksgiving. So that's really interesting.

Matt: Well yeah, to be honest, I don't know where the origin of the Canadian one is, I think it may be a copy from our neighbors.

Rachel: Right.

Matt: But, it happens about a month earlier.

Rachel: Yeah. So was that the first? Was there a ship of immigrants that landed in Canada first? Before, you know...

Matt: That I don't know. But the one thing is that, I think that, the one reason it was earlier is that it's much cooler in Canada and the harvest... it is basically a harvest festival, so the harvest comes a lot sooner in Canada, so they end up having this sort of harvest festival much earlier than down south.

Rachel: So do you eat things like pumpkin pie and all that? Is it, I mean, how is it different from the American...

Matt: From the American one?

Rachel: Thanksgiving?

Matt: Well, to be honest I never experienced an American Thanksgiving, but we, I think the long traditions are the same. For example, turkey is a big part of it.

Rachel: Right.

Matt: Pumpkin pie. I think that my favorite part of Thanksgiving is probably the meal itself. Because there are so many unique foods that you never eat other times of the year. And, especially the trimmings, things like the turkey with the gravy and the mashed potatoes, and sprouts, and stuff like that. It's very, very nice.

Have you ever tried?

Rachel: I've never experienced a Thanksgiving, actually. I mean, I always think it sounds like a Christmas meal.

Matt: Right.

Rachel: Very similar, right? And... but in Britain we have a harvest festival.

Matt: Really? When is it?

Rachel: Which would be around October time, but it's more like a church festival. So you take some food to the church and you thank God for a good harvest. So maybe that's the origin of the Canadian one.

Matt: And, actually, a lot of our traditions do copy British traditions and I think, but yeah, it's true that it really is the same meaning I think wherever you go, it's just a sort of thankfulness for these gifts. So...

Rachel: Yeah. Cool. And do you exchange gifts at that time, or?

Matt: No, there's no real exchange of gifts. Yeah, I think that it's fairly simple. It really revolves around that meal which is actually odd. And of course the holiday and being off of school or work. It's nice.

Rachel:Oh, cool. I want to try.

Matt: Yeah. Come on. Come on.