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  1. That is a terrible idea. You are making a mistake!
  2. It doesn't to go to bed late if you have to get up early .
  3. He texts his friends all the time. He is totally !
  4. She keeps a dictionary with her so it is easy to the meaning of words.
  5. He drinks more than fifteen cups of coffee a day. It's completely .

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441 Soccer Spat
CleAnn and Nana have a small arguement related to soccer.
CleAnn: Hey Nana, are you ready? Let's go.

Nana: I can't go now. I have to watch the soccer match I told you about.

CleAnn: Now?

Nana: Yeah.

CleAnn: Why now? Didn't you tell me you were going to watch that later?

Nana: But I told you Chelsea had a match. So I have to watch it.

CleAnn: You know I used to be such a huge soccer fan before I met you. Because when I was back in Trinidad, it was so easy for me to like soccer because Trinidad and Tobago was playing. But now you're so obsessed, you're always online, you're downloading soccer matches, you're spending so much time following Chelsea's matches.

Nana: Are you telling me you don't like soccer anymore?

CleAnn: I'm telling you I like soccer, but I think that now it's getting out of hand.

Nana: Why do you think it's getting out of hand? You can just come and sit here and watch it with me...

CleAnn: But we have to go.

Nana: After the match we can go.

CleAnn: But we have a time to be there, remember? We're supposed to meet Todd for 11.

Nana: But maybe you can just wait and watch the soccer match with me.

CleAnn: But how long does a soccer match take?

Nana: Normally 90 minutes so we just wait. After the soccer match..

CleAnn: 90 minutes? It's already 10. And we have to take the bus

Yeah, but you downloaded it, Nana. Can't you just watch it later?

Nana: It's not the same as watching it live.

CleAnn: What do you mean it's not the same? So you downloaded it and you're looking at it live at the same time?

Nana: I'm watching it live now.

CleAnn: And you're also downloading it.

Nana: Yeah.

CleAnn: Why?

Nana: I will need a copy.

CleAnn: For what?

Nana: Just to keep on my hard disk. For future reference.

CleAnn: But, listen to me. Does this make sense? It's already 10 o'clock, we have to meet Todd at 11, and you're going to take 90 minutes to watch a football match. We will be late. Don't you think? So don't you think it makes sense to just keep the downloaded one and look at it later?

Nana: Why can't you women always understand.