Audio Notes # 450 Rare Food

unusual experienceunusual experience

I had a really unusual experience.

An experience is something you do or take part in. When you have an unusual experience you do something very different. This is a common phrase to let people know you are going to share a story or experience. Here are some sample sentences.

  1. I had an unusual experience today. I saw a film crew making a movie.
  2. I had many unusual experiences when I lived overseas.

tin minetin mine

We slept the night in an old tin mine.

A mine is a place where people dig in the earth to get metals or materials. You can have a tin mine, a gold mine, a diamond mine, and so on. Mines can be very dangerous because they are underground. For example, you could say the following:

  1. The gold mine recently found a large piece of gold.
  2. Did you hear on the news? Three people are trapped in the tin mine.

furthick fur

The bearcat has a thick fur.

Fur is the hair on an animal and it usually covers most of the animals body. The skin of the animal is called the hide. In some countries, fur is used to make coats and hats. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. Many people do not like the use of furs for coats and jackets.
  2. Polar bears have thick furs to keep them warm.


It wanted revenge.

When you want revenge, you want to do something bad to someone because they did something bad to you before. For example, if someone says something bad about you, you might want to say something about them for revenge. Notice the following sentences:

  1. The team won the game and got revenge for an earlier loss.
  2. My friend wants revenge for his classmates talking gossip about him.

endangeredendangered animal

The animal was an endangered animal.

When an animal is endangered, that means it is in danger of becoming extinct. When an animal becomes extinct, it is no longer present on earth. Dinosaurs are extinct, while tigers are endangered. Some day there might not be any more tigers in the wild, so they are endangered. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. Zoos are good because they protect endangered animals.
  2. Some whales used to be endangered, but not anymore.

triggerPull the trigger

At least you didn't pull the trigger.

When you pull the trigger on a gun, you fire the gun or you shoot the gun. You pull the trigger with your finger. In business, to pull the trigger on a project means to end a project or kill a project. Some sample sentences are as follows:

  1. Because the man loved animals, he couldn't pull the trigger.
  2. Because of budget shortfalls, we pulled the trigger on the project.