510 The Haircut

Ruth talk to Akane about her new hairstyle.

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Akane: Hi, Ruth.

Ruth: Hi.

Akane: Hey did you get a new hair cut?

Ruth: Yeah I did actually.

Akane: Wow, it looks really nice!

Ruth: Oh you like it? Thanks.

Akane: It’s shorter than before.

Ruth: Yeah, it’s quite a lot shorter actually.

Akane: So where did you get it cut?

Ruth: Oh it’s quite an interesting story. I went to a hairdresser just down the road. I saw a sign outside and it said that they were offering cheap haircuts so I went in there.

Akane: Oh, ok well, how cheap was it?

Ruth: Erm, well it was 1500 yen which is about £7.50.

Akane: Oh right, ok. So are you pleased with your new haircut?

Ruth: Erm, yeah, I am pleased. I’m pleased that it’s shorter and it’s better than it would have been if I had done it myself and I’m also pleased that it was cheap, but its not exactly what I was looking for.

Akane: Oh, so, would you go there again?

Ruth: Erm, probably not!

Akane: No? Well, what kind of person cut your hair?

Ruth: Oh it was quite interesting. Erm, it was really, it was quite a dirty hairdressers really.

Akane: Oh no, dirty!

Ruth: Well it was kind of a bit greasy and everybody in there…well, it was full of old men and I was the only girl in there.

Akane: Oh, ok

Ruth: And the haircut took probably 7 minutes.

Akane: Wow, that’s really fast!

Ruth: Yeah, exactly and they didn’t wash my hair or anything, so…

Akane: Oh no!

Ruth: But it was cheap and you know I like bargains so it wasn’t too bad.

Akane: So there were a lot of old men there and no women?

Ruth: That’s right.

Akane: So was it a barber?

Ruth: I hope not! I hope I didn’t make the mistake of going into a barber but there was a woman in there cutting hair and she cut my hair

Akane: Oh that’s a good sign.

Ruth: Yeah that was a good sign.

Akane: So do you think your haircut will last until you have to go back to England?

Ruth: Well I’m hoping so. It is quite short; it’s a lot shorter than it was before so hopefully it will.

Akane: Ok, well I really like it.

Ruth: Oh that’s really nice of you, thanks! Well, if you get your haircut don’t go there!

Akane: Ok, good advice!

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


I saw a sign outside and it said that they were offering cheap haircuts.

A sign is an announcement or board with information, usually outside a building or next to a road. Notice the following:

  1. I didn't see the sign for the road exit.
  2. The sign on the building said it was closed.


Well it was kind of a bit greasy.

A substance is greasy if it contains a lot of oil. We can use this word to talk about food or beauty products as well. Notice the following:

  1. I couldn't eat the pizza because it was too greasy.
  2. His hands were greasy from fixing the bicycle.


So was it a barber?

A barber is a stylist for men's hair and he usually offers shaving services as well. Notice the following:

  1. The barber didn't listen and cut my hair too short.
  2. Do you know a good barber near here? My son needs a haircut.


So do you think your haircut will last until you have to go back to England?

"To last" is to be effective for a long period of time. when we buy new things we want them to last for a while. Notice the following:

  1. Those shoes will never last until next year.  They already have holes in them.
  2. The battery only lasted 3 hours.


Ok, good advice!

Advice is an idea about the best action or solution for a problem or situation. When we have problems we usually ask our friends or family for advice on what to do.  Notice the following:

  1. My grandmother always had the best advice for problems with my friends.
  2. Who do you ask for advice when you have problems?


Answer the following questions about the interview.



Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
greasy • signs • barber
last • good advice
  1. He needs to go to the and get his hair cut before pictures.
  2. I have no idea how long my meeting will today.
  3. The food here is really , and it makes me feel sick.
  4. The hotel was easy to find because there were showing the way to go.
  5. Do you have any for first time travelers.