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ELLLO is the work of Todd Beuckens
Todd is a full-time English teacher based in Japan. He now teaches in Kyuushuu. He creates elllo in his free time. He can be reached at the e-mail address below.


ELLLO stands for English Language Listening Lab Online. It is a collection of over 1,000 listening activites that students can view free via the internet. Most listening activites come with a downloadable MP3 audio file, transcipt and interactive quiz. ELLLO offers a variety of listening activities that each target a specific listening skill, need or interest. See below:  
Weekly Updates
Weekly Updates occur each Monday. On average there are at least five new listening activities each week. Activities are numbered for easy reference. Currently, the listening activities include interviews, newscasts, surveys (Mixer), songs, presentations (Talking Points), and listening games. Read below for details about each one:
Interviews are natural conversations with various speakers of English that offer multiple listening options. Students can listen to a variety of English that is harder to find in more traditionally scripted textbooks. Also, unlike podcasts and other listening sites, ELLLO interviews contains rich images that help listeners follow the topic of the converation.
Listening Game
Listening Games can help students listen for gist. Students can listen to audio about a topic and choose the picture that matches the audio. There is very little reading. The listening games are designed for beginning students and for students who want to listen for fun and enjoyment. The object of the games it to reach the end of the listening activity.
Mixer is a survey that features six different speakers answering the same question. Students can easily follow the topic and compare the various responses. Each speaker's segment comes with two questions that appear at the end of the audio segment to develop test taking skills.
News Center
News Center is an animated newscast. Each Newscast has six stories. For each story, students can try to answer questions about each news story. Newscenter can help students learn academic English and develop test taking skills for standardized listening tests such as TOEFL®, TOEIC® and IELTS®.
Songs are a great way to learn English. ELLLO contains some great songs by independent artists. As the students listen, the words are displayed on the screen so students can catch the lyrics (words to the song). Listening and reading the lyrics is a great way to improve grammar, pronunciation, reading speed, reading by chunks and common slang and idioms.
© Todd Beuckens