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Terms of Use and Restrictions

Creative Commons
Creative Commons
All the audio and text from the listening activities such as the interviews, mixers and listening games are creative commons. That means teachers and students are free to download the audio for personal use offline or for educational purposes. (Note: The songs do not have audio links. ELLLO only has permission to play the audio, not distribute it.)


Prohibited Uses
Prohibited Uses (Uploading and Distributing Audio)
Do not upload elllo audio content to a commercial site or redistribute the audio for commercial purposes. It is OK to put elllo on a school server or network but please site the source of the audio.



How to Download Audio

On a PC (Windows)
Go the text page. Look for the blue audio link. It should say Audio MP3 or Play Audio on the text page.Put the cursor (arrow) over the link. Right click and select save or save as. Before you save the audio, you should notice where your computer is saving the audio. It is best to save it to the desktop so it is easy to find.


On a Mac
Go the text page. Look for the blue audio link. It should sayAudio MP3 or Play Audio. Put the cursor (arrow) over the link. Control click and save the audio to your mac.
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