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Vocabulary Quiz
  1. I was able to my fear of sharks by learning to surf.
  2. Thailand is a very place because of its great beaches.
  3. All my boss does is . He never tries to talk with employees.
  4. I will come the weather is nice .
  5. A good teacher should hard work from her students.

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G063 Life Goals
Samir from Sweden talks about what he would like to achieve in his lifetime.
Hi, my name is Samir and I'm from Sweden. I'm going to talk about six things I want to do in my life. First of all, I want to travel the world and meet new people, see new places, and learn new cultures. It's really interesting for me, and yeah, I think everybody should travel a lot as long as they get the chance.

Then, maybe before my travelling, I want to learn at least five languages. I like talking different languages and it's really fun, and like people don't expect that you talk that specific language maybe, and yeah, it's really fun.

The third thing I want to do is own my own company. I want to be my own boss. I don't want to have to someone else give me orders or something. I want to own my own company and have at least ten employees to give orders and help them in my company. It will be really fun. It's really interesting.

And the fourth thing is that I want to live in an exotic country, like live at the beach or in some exotic place. It will be a new thing for me because I live in Sweden and I go to the other side of the world would be really nice and a completely new thing for me, so that's the fourth things I want to do.

The fifth thing is I have a fear of heights. I can't be like tall buildings at the top of the building and look down. I'll be really scared, so I have to overcome my fear of heights, and I think it will be really difficult for me but I have to overcome it ...

Because after that I want to travel by skydiving. Like go around in the plane and just jump and feel free. It will be really nice, I think. Just skydiving and you're flying, so that's my six things I want to do in my life.