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  1. I hated high school, but now I it fondly.
  2. For the party, people, the better it will be.
  3. This is a very hard dance to follow or do well.
  4. I am dancer myself.
  5. I can never my brother at chess.

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Nydja talks about some of the games she liked to play as a kid.
Hi. This is Nydja from the United States and I want to tell you about six games that I played as a child. One of the games I played was a board game called “Shoots and Ladders”. This game consists of ladders that go up if you do good things and slides that send you tumbling down if you … if you’re naughty basically. So if you land on a square that has you kicking a cat then you slide down the slide and you’re behind all your other … players in the game. It’s funny to look back on it now but it was lots of fun when I was little.

Another one of the games I played when I was a child was monopoly. I don’t play it now because it becomes a little too competitive but as a child it was always fun to play with the money and to move around the game pieces where you never wanted to land … I think it was Park Avenue or, it was one of the places that was just way to expensive and my brother always had a lot of hotels on that spot and he, he beat me out every time.

The other game that I liked to play, I play it now with my cousins, when I was small I played it with my mom and sister is double-dutch, which consists of two jump ropes that you turn interchangeably and you have to jump in the middle of them and I actually belonged to a jump roping team when I was in school, that we’d do different tricks and we’d put on performances jumping rope.

Another thing that I liked to do when I was a little girl was play patty cake. What we’d do is, basically we’d pat each other’s hands and we’d come up with a sequence of different little moves, I guess you could say and at one point you’d have to continuously repeat that pattern and try not to make any mistakes.

One of my favourite games as a child was scrabble. I love getting the words and trying to figure out, getting the letters I’m sorry, you get the letters out of the bag and you have to put the letters on the board to make … the word. Each letter has points to it so you want to get letters like"z" and "w" so you can win the game. I’m not a great speller but I always enjoyed playing scrabble.

And the last game was a game we played at recess which was freeze tag. This game consisted of … hopefully twenty or more kids, the more kids the better and one person would be “it” and they’d have to run around and tag the other kids. Once you were tagged you had to stand still, and you had to spread your legs open and whoever was on your team, in order for you to become unfrozen, they’d have to crawl underneath your legs and then you were back in the game. So … it was great, you’d be in such a frenzy as a child because you’d want … you wouldn’t want to be frozen and sometimes there would be only one other teammate left to unfreeze like ten different people. So, I enjoyed that game as a child.