Audio Notes Game #62 France


The first thing to do is just chill.

When you chill, you relax. If you tell someone to chill out or chill down, you are telling them to calm down or be patient. Notice the examples:

  1. I usually just chill on the weekends and not do much.
  2. After I got mad, he told me to chill out.

catch some waves

It's nice to catch some waves at the beach.

Catch some waves refers to surfing or body-surfing. When you catch a wave, you ride it.

fifth biggest

It is the fifth biggest party.

Fifth is the ordinal number of five. Ordinal numbers are used to show order, so you have first, second, third, fourth, fifth and so on.

  1. I am the fifth tallest person in my class.
  2. I finished fifth in the race. My dad was sixth.


That's really typical.

When something is typical that means it is very common. For example, a typical breakfast in America is toast with butter. The phrase 'That's typical' means that the thing being talked about is common. Here are some samples:

  1. On a typical day, I get up at seven o'clock.
  2. It's typical for him to leave early.

a mix between

It is a mix between tennis and squash.

A mix between is a combination. When something is a mix between two or more things, it takes a little from each thing. For example, badminton is a mix between tennis and volleyball. Notice the following:

  1. Her cooking is a mix between French and Thai cuisine.
  2. His fashion style is a mix between traditional and modern trends.