Audio Notes Game #66 Denmark


The attractions are made out of lego.

An attraction is something that draws people to come and see it. An amusement park has many attractions like rides and entertainment. Cities usually have many attractions to attract visitors. Here are a few sample sentences:

  1. The main attraction at the amusement park is the roller coaster.
  2. New York City has many popular attractions.


It is a hippie community.

A hippie is someone who does not live life in a conventional way. Hippies usually care most about freedom and peace and love, and care less about money, success or power. Hippies as a group became popular in the United States in the 1960's. Notice the following:

  1. He is a hippie at heart. He hates violence.
  2. There were many hippies in the 60's.


The city is very anarchistic.

When there is anarchy, that means there is no authority or one group in control. An anarchistic society would ideally be one with no laws, rules, or leaders. For example, if ten people were suddenly stranded on a deserted island, there would be anarchy among the group. Here are a few sample sentences:

  1. Once the teacher left, there was anarchy in the classroom.
  2. An anarchistic society has no government.


It is a natural phenomena.

A phenomenon is an occurrence where we can see something happen but have a hard time explaining. It is often something that reoccurs again and again. Here are some samples.

  1. The changing of the seasons is a phenomenon we all look forward to.
  2. The phenomena of black holes in space is still a mystery.


It has different kinds of toppings.

A topping is some type of food you put on a main ingredient to change the flavor or style of the food. Ice-cream, pizza and sandwiches all have toppings. Notice the following:

  1. My favorite topping on pizza is mushrooms.
  2. I like veggie toppings like pickles and onions on my sandwich.