Audio Notes Game #64 Djibouti



There are mountains and a volcano.

A volcano is a large mountain that can release material from the earth, such as lava and gas. Mt. Fuji in Japan is one of the world's most famous volcanoes.

  1. The volcano erupted and caused a tsunami.
  2. The volcano is the tallest mountain in the country.

bad effects


There are no bad effects.

When you have a bad effect, that means you have a bad reaction. When something is effected, it is changed because of something else. We sometimes also call this a side effect. Notice the following:

  1. One bad effect of driving cars is pollution.
  2. The fish I ate caused a bad effect with my stomach.



It makes you a little dizzy.

When you are dizzy, your head feels like it is moving even when you are not moving. Motion or sickness often cause people to be dizzy. Here are a few sample sentences:

  1. The car ride made me dizzy.
  2. I got dizzy from smoking a cigarette.



You sit and talk and chew it.

You chew food with your teeth when you eat something. You can also chew items like gum or tabacco. Here are a few examples:

  1. This meat is hard to chew.
  2. I love to chew gum in class to keep awake.



We don't have official Djibutian food.

When something is official, that means it is recognized by everyone. Some group of authority, like the government, often makes things official.

  1. That is the official logo of the company.
  2. It is official, I am now engaged to be married.