Audio Notes Game #69 Travel Hot Spots


The animals all congregate in those places.

“Congregate” means to come together in a large group. In this mixer, groups of animals congregate around places with water. Note the examples:

  1. Many students congregate at the shopping mall after school.
  2. A crowd congregated around the movie star.

in case you don't know

And Annapurna is in Nepal in case you don't know.

We use “in case you don’t know” to add information people usually know, but maybe they don’t. Here are two more examples using “in case you don’t know”:

  1. Avril Lavigne is my favorite singer. She was born in Canada in case you don’t know.
  2. The concert is on Saturday. You can buy tickets online in case you don’t know.

you'll never (verb) so (adj)

You'll never see a sky so bright.

“You’ll never see” refers to someone or something that is very special to see. Notice the following:

  1. You’ll never see a city so beautiful as Hong Kong at night.
  2. The new Ferrari is amazing. You’ll probably never drive a car so fast.

salt pan

The sun is reflecting off the surface of the salt pan.

A salt pan is a large, flat area of salt, usually from a dry lake. Sometimes we say “salt plain” or “salt flat”. Here are some example sentences

  1. The Etosha salt pan attracts thousands of visitors every year.
  2. Plants can grow near but not on the park’s salt pan.

lush vegetation

You can walk through lush vegetation.

“Vegetation” means grass, flowers, bushes, trees etcetera. A place with lush vegetation is usually hot and very rainy such as a jungle or a rainforest. See the examples below.

  1. Many kinds of animals, insects, birds and reptiles live in the lush, green vegetation of the Amazon.
  2. It was not easy hiking through the lush vegetation.

vibrant culture

If you enjoy…vibrant culture

In most big cities you can see modern buildings, fast food restaurants, new cars and fashionable clothes. Sometimes however, you can also find many exciting examples of old style buildings, food, fashion, music and transportation. We call that a vibrant culture. New Delhi is a perfect example. Here are two more:

  1. Second to the pyramids, the most interesting thing about Cairo is the vibrant culture.
  2. The chance to experience the vibrant culture was the best part of my visit.