Audio Notes Game #70 Yoga Poses

in a row

You do twelve of them in a row.

When talking about exercise,”in a row” means an action is done consecutively or one after another. Here are two more examples of “in a row”:

  1. Do twenty push-ups in a row, rest, and do twenty more.
  2. She had final exams three days in a row.


You are exhaling and then inhaling.

Exhale means to breathe air out. Note the examples using “exhale”:

  1. The doctor asked him to breathe in and then exhale slowly.
  2. My running coach told me to breathe in through my mouth and exhale through my nose.


You're pushing towards the floor and inhaling.

Inhale is the opposite of exhale. Inhale means to breathe air in. During exercise, we usually exhale when we push or pull and inhale when we relax. Note the following:

  1. Inhaling and exhaling slowly is a great way to relieve stress.
  2. The firefighter went to the hospital from inhaling too much smoke.

the longer, the better

The longer you keep it the better.

“The longer the better” means the more time you spend doing something, the better the result will be. Here are two example sentences:

  1. The longer you study, the better your English will be.
  2. The longer you smoke, the worse your health will be.


You literally are standing on your head.

When we say something is done "literally", it means the thing or action is done physically and in real life, not just in an imagined way. See the examples below:

  1. I’m so tired. I literally haven’t slept for two days.
  2. My best friend visits elllo literally every day!