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Anita, Taiwan
What junk foods do I eat? I like potato chips, chocolates, candy bars but these days because of diets though I don't usually eat a lot, but of course during the party with my friends we always buy lots and lots of junk food and we'll finish in an hour. Actually I like it, but I'm controlling myself right now.

Mitchell, United States
The junk food I tend to eat is gummy bears because I like, like the gummy kind of candy, gummy bears, sour patch kids, but I don't think I eat too much junk food because I don't eat too much cake, chocolate, cookies, and the dairy product section, so but if I had to pick a junk food that I eat the most, it's sweets like gummy bears, starbursts, skittles.

Ruth, England
How much junk food? Well, actually I try really hard not to eat junk food. I try to go for a long time without eating crips and chocolate and cakes, but often I tend to ignore that and eat them anyway. I think it goes in phases. For a long time I'll not have any and then for a week or two weeks I will eat cake, cake, cake, chocolate, crisps, all of the time, so maybe, certainly at those time I eat too much. The rest of the time, no, I think it's OK.

Lucinda, New Zealand
I don't eat junk food, sweet junk food, so I'm actually lying, I don't eat sweet junk food. I like McDonalds breakfast, but any other things to do with junk food I'm not really partial too. I like cholate occasionally, but very bitter chocolate. I quite like eating cooking chocolate bars.

Alan, Canada
What junk food do I eat? Well, I enjoy pototo chips and chocolate and cookies. I'm actually what you call a junk food fanatic. I enjoy eating junk food. I try not to eat too much of it. I used to eat more of it when I was younger, but I've kind of trimmed it down a little bit, and I got older, how ever, I still enjoy a good bag of potato chips while I watch TV, or a chocolate bar occasionally, after lunch or dinner, so I would say. I enjoy junk food but I try now to eat too much of it.

Mark, America
Actually, I don't eat a lot of junk food, but I try to keep pretty healthy with what I eat, but if I slip and I do eat any food that's not healthy it's usually fast food. Like I almost never eat at McDonald's, but if I'm really hungry, or I'm really broke and don't have a lot of money, or I just want something fast, I might sneak into a McDonalds, once every two weeks or something like that.


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