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Jeanie, United States
One thing I really wish I had enough money to buy is actually a new home for my mother, because she has done so much for me in life and I feel like I'd like to do something really special for her. Aside from that, as far as for me personally I'd like to have enough money just to be able to travel the world.

Naomi, Australia
I wish I had enough money to buy a new car. Actually the car I drive around now is a 1983 Suburu wagon which is full of rust, but it does go pretty well. It's smooth and the engine sounds nice but it's very rusty and looks aweful.

Mark, United States
If money were no object, and money were not a problem, I would like to buy a boat. That's sort of my dream, one day, I will have enough money and I will buy a boat. There's something about when I'm on the water in a boat I just feel completely relaxed, yeah, and definitely, that's what I'd buy if I had the money. In terms of anything smaller, or something that I could buy these days, maybe a plane ticket to another country cause I really like to travel.

Simon, Canada
One thing that I would like to buy if I had enough money, or if I had enough money to buy something, I would buy an island, which would mean that I got a lot of money to basically to be the king of a place. You know some people like to buy houses. I want to have an island.

Ruth, England
I'd probably say a ticket to go around the world and enough spending money as well but you know, that would be amazing but everytime I want something and I buy it, then I want something different so if I went around the world, I would come back and I would want a new car, or I'd want a house so I say a trip around the world but probably that might change.

Barbara, Australia
Something I really wish I had enough money to buy is my own computer. I would really love to get a laptop computer with a printer and possible a scanner. At the moment I just have to go to the internet cafe, or use the computers in my guesthouse, and often they don't work. As a matter of fact, today they are not working and if I go to the internet cafe, that's expensive and troublesome. I really wish I had enough money to buy my own laptop computer.


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