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Alan, Canada
Do I prefer to cook at home or eat out? I prefer to cook at home. I enjoy cooking. It gives me something to do. It's kind of like a hobby, and I enjoy creating different kinds of food. I enjoy eating them, and actually I enjoy cooking for other people, cooking for them and watching them enjoy the food that I cook.

Jeff, Canada
Do I prefer to cook or eat out? I like cooking. Cooking is fun and it's a nice way to relax and get rid of some stress but eating out is also fun, especially when you have a couple of good friends or your with a good buddy of yours and you can go to a nice restaurant and have someone wait on you and serve you, so I like to eat out but I like to cook at home.

Lucinda, New Zealand
I was raised in the country, so we always cooked at home, so I prefer to eat out any chance I can get I would prefer to eat out than cook at home. Being a student, living on a student budget, we mostly have to cook at home so I pretty much would prefer to go out to a restaurant or a cafe to eat almost any night of the week.

Ruth, England
At home or eat out? There absolutely no comparison. If you ask me that every time, I would say,eat out. I love eating out. It's so good. I love going to different restaurants, especially if somebody else is paying, but the disadvantage is that it's often less healthy to eat out if you eat at home. You'd know exactly what you're eating so it depends if I'm on a diet or not: if I'm not eating out, If I am eating at home.

Simon, Canada
If I had the choice to eat out, or to cook at home, I would definitely pick eating out. Yeah, I don't mind cooking at home. I like cooking but going out is an event. I like to go to cool restaurants, fancy restaurants, any kind of restaurant that has a cool atmosphere. Yeah, going out is an event. It's fun, and yeah, that's what I choose.

Todd, The United States
Actually this is not a choice because every night I eat out. I pretty much never cook. I cook maybe three or four times a year. I guess because I'm a bachelor and I just hate cooking and I don't know how to cook very well so I just always eat out pretty much, every night and buy my dinner. It's just easy, you know. No preparation. No cleaning up afterwards, just buy it and eat. That's it.


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