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Martin, The United States
Do I prefer a young or an older doctor? I have to say, and older doctor, cause I don't really want to go to the doctor but if I have to I'd like to go to somewhere, where they have a sense of they know what they are doing, and I'm sure the young doctor knows what he's doing but I have a lot more faith and trust in an older doctor who's been around and can do things.

Mitchell, The United States
It doesn't matter if it's young or old, but I prefer an old male doctor, because he has experience, I would think, but if it was a female, I would prefer a young female doctor because I'll be more likely to go the doctor if I'm sick, or if I catch a cold or.

Ruth, Ireland
I think I prefer a young doctor. They're easier to deal with and they listen more to what you have to say. I also find them a lot more relaxing. BUt my own doctor, we've been with the same doctor for several years and he's kind of older but because we've always gone to him he's really easy to talk to.

Shuan, Canada
I prefer an old doctor because I believe that they have more experience, except there are some issues that I have. An old doctor might not be as well versed in new medicines that have some out but a new doctor might, or a young doctor might, but obviously I would think that the new doctor would have more experience over all.

Simon, Canada
OK, would I prefer a young doctor or an old doctor. I think I would prefer the young doctor. The young doctor might be more up on new technology, new science and new methods and things like that. Also, they're probably more gung-ho, care more about the patients because they're new and they want to impress. An old doctor, maybe he or see is already thinking about retirement, although, that's not always the case.

Tom, United Kindom
Yeah, there are a lot of reasons I would prefer to be seen by a younger doctor. They went to medical school more recently, so they're more up-to-date. They haven't forgotten anything yet. They'd be closer to my age, which makes it easier to talk to them and to discuss what's going on. What kind of problems there are. Plus, if they're younger, they're working harder.


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