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Adrienne, The United States
Do I believe in ghosts? Yes, I think I do. I struggle with it, but I actually think I lived with one time. There were a lot of really strange events happening in this house where I lived and my roommates and I were convinced that we had a ghost in the house. It was hard to think about but yeah, I think I do believe in ghosts.

Barbara, Australia
Do I believe in ghosts? In a word, no! I don't. I believe that there are many things which people don't understand and things that perhaps can't be explained by science – yet – but, no, I don't believe in ghosts.

Conrad, The United States
Do I believe in ghosts? Absolutely not! I'm kind of the type of person that only believes in things that I can see or that can be proven and until I see a ghost, I won't believe in them. Of course there might be Casper the friendly ghost, but I don't believe in ghosts as a scary being or anything like that.

Phil, England
Do I believe in ghosts? To be honest I don't believe in ghosts. Maybe it's my imagination or lack of imagination or, why, but I just don't believe in ghosts. However when I go to the movies and watch a ghost movie, sometimes I do get very scared by them.

Simone, Sweden
Do I believe in ghosts? Well, I have seen ghosts. I saw my grandfather once when he was dead, but I don't believe them. I think it was my own mind who conjured the image, so, no, I don't.

Simon, Canada
Do I believe in ghosts? No way. Yeah, that there's some supernatural beings that are floating everywhere and scaring everybody, I don't think so. Yeah, some members of my family believe in ghosts, and I always have to laugh at them. Come on. There's not such thing as ghosts.


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