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Conrad, The United States
What am I wearing today? I'm wearing my Japan national soccer jersey. It's not really a jersey. It's more of a polo shirt. I bought it right during the World Cup and I was a proud supporter of Japan's team. Unfortunately, they didn't get as far as I had wanted them to. I'm also wearing some shorts just because it's a pretty hot day here on the 8th of September and we're going to go play basketball. Right, Todd?

Adrienne, The United States
What am I wearing today? Today I'm very casual. I'm wearing pink sweat pants and a pink tank top and and I kind of look like a big piece of bubble gum because it's laundry day.

Matt, The United States
Today I'm wearing my business attire. I've got a white button-down shirt, navy blue power tie. It's a little chilly outside so I've got a pullover. I've got some navy blue slacks that need to be ironed, some socks and a pair of shoes.

Simone, Sweden
Today is my day off. Yesterday I was drinking so I'm wearing very casual clothes. A blue sweater and and just black jeans and I'm not wearing anything else.

Skip, The United States
What am I wearing today? Well, Skip today has a striking ensemble. Started out with a Minnesota Vikings t-shirt that is actually a friend of mine who is also from Minnesota gave me this t-shirt - the Minnesota Vikings football team and that is set off by a dark Navy blue pair of pants that I bought in Sydney earlier this year and to complete the set a pair of brown socks. Yeah, definitely nothing very formal. Very much walking around clothes.

Barbara, Australia
So, what am I wearing today? I'm just about to go off to work so I'm wearing my work clothes which is black trousers, black boots and a black shirt with a collar and three-quarters sleeves. It's minimalist. It doesn't say too much but I think it makes an impact.


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