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Adrienne, The United States
On vacation do I prefer to have adventure or relaxation? I think lately I prefer relaxation. I think it's nice to go somewhere and not to have to think about work, not have to think about my regular life and all of the busy things I have to do everyday so something that will take my mind off of that and I can just relax and sleep and enjoy.

Mark, England
On vacation do I prefer relaxation or adventure? Definitely, adventure. I hate sitting on the beach or sitting by the side of the pool, so I like to get out there and do things and the crazier the better, so for example when I was in New Zealand not so long ago I went white water rafting. That was a fantastic experience.

Lisa, Canada
On vacation do I prefer to adventure or relaxation? I would have to say that lately as I have been working a lot I prefer to have relaxation. I prefer to go somewhere where I wouldn't have to do anything or someone would bring me my meals and all I had to do was choose from what I was going to eat or a menu of what I was going to do or what I was going to drink without having to do anything for myself.

Phil, England
On vacation, do I prefer to have adventure or relaxation. That's a very difficult question because I enjoy both on vacation however I think because my life is very relaxing at home and my work is very easy, I'd like to have some kind of adventure on holidays. In the summer holiday, I went to a mountain about three hours where I lived, and I hiked to the top of the mountain on a very, very hot day. It was very, very warm and I didn't take enough drinks, or I prepared very badly so it was a really difficult climb. However, I had a fantastic time and I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

Simon, Sweden
On vacation do I prefer to have adventure or relaxation? I like both. I think you need a mixture to really relax. You need to escape from your everyday life. You need both. I guess, both relaxation and adventure. Do new stuff and relax in the evening.

Skip, The United States
On vacation do I prefer to have adventure or relaxation? Oh, that's a hard one. I suppose it depends on where I am. I do like adventure, but I don't like to have an adventure in a strange place because it's easy for things to get out of control so I suppose usually if I take a vacation, vacation it's to relax, but I do love adventure.


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