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Akane, Canada
What is one job that you would hate to do? Well, I suppose one job that I would really hate to do is to be a homemaker, and I know that this is a very important job, and a very respectful one but I don't think it's for me. I really get irritated when I stay at home for long periods of time, and I know that many homemakers do go out, but, and I really do like making my own money and that's something that's really important to me.

Barbara, Australia
One job that I would really hate to do would be, to be a salesperson. Having to convince people to buy something, probably which they don't need, and they can't afford. I would really hate to do that. If my income depended on selling, I think I would probably starve.

Naomi, Australia
One job that I wouldn't like to do is a office job, completely in the office, all the time, 9 to 5, five-days-week office job. I think I would get really bored after a short amount of time, and I would probably need a bit more excitement in my life out of my job.

Simon, Canada
Yeah, hi, what job couldn't I do? I think that to sit in an office cubical and do data entry on a computer would be something that I hate the most because the lights are usually florescent. You're crunching numbers all day, everyday with no creativity, no energy, yeah.

Mark, United States
Ah, one job I would hate to do is I would hate to be a garbageman, a garbage collector. I just, ah, it's gross, it stinks. I don't wish that job upon anybody basically so, that would be my last choice for occupation.

Ruth, England
One job I would hate? Oh, yeah, that has to be a vet. I would absolutely detest that job, because primarily I would get really emotionally involved with all of the animals and then if any of the animals died I would cry and cry and, yeah, I would hate having to see people upset because their cat was ill. No, I associate that as being a really awful job, and I have real respect for people who do it.


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