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Jeannie, United States
The death penalty? I don't believe in the death penalty because for me it's always a thing of, you know, who gets who gets to judge who gets to live or die. Even if the person being killed is being killed because they killed someone, I still don't go for that, eye-for-an-eye type thing.

Kate, New Zealand
No, I don't believe in the death penalty. I don't believe in killing. In fact, I think if someone deserves the death penalty, actually instead of getting a death penalty they should serve time in jail and have to face society and fell the humility. If they don't, if they serve the death penalty, they will not feel the shame and will not realize the consequences.

Nitiya, India
I believe in the death penalty because I think rape and terrorism are some crimes which are totally so disgusting towards the human race and that's, I don't think it encouraged by anyone in the whole world, and everyone wants peace so I think, yeah there are some reasons why the death penalty should be there.

Joel, America
The death penalty? That's a tough one because I think the death penalty is a good deterrent. It would definitely stop me from doing certain crimes if I knew that I was going to be killed if I did them, but the problem with it is, is that you can never be sure if the person actually did it, so if we convict someone and then kill him and later find out that the person actually didn't do the crime, then I think that's a tragedy.

Steve, England
I'm against the death penalty, for, well, the main reason I'm against it, is that there's always an element of doubt. You never know if someone really did murder someone, or. well, murder is usually the main reason for the death penalty, so there's always an element of doubt. You can never be quite sure, so I think there's always a risk, and you shouldn't kill someone.

Marion, Ireland
I think that's a really difficult question if the death penalty should be in place. Most of the time, I think that I'm against the death penalty, but then, you know, you read stories in the newspaper, especially about children being killed, particularly cruel ways of ending people's lives, and then sometimes, I get so angry that I think, yeah, just kill that person because they deserve it, but really, when I calm down, I don't believe in the death penalty.


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