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Eucharia, Ireland
Fashion, well, I can only go shopping once a year so I'm not very fashion conscious. I like clothes that fit me rather than, and suit me, rather than brand labels. I especially love shoe shopping when I go home and my aim is to look nice, not particularly fashionable, but classic, that'll do.

Jim, England
Fashion isn't really important to me. I just want clothes that look fairly smart and don't smell. If they got holes in them, that's no good but I'm not a follower of fashion.

Jeannie, United States
Is fashion important to me? Not really. I usually wear whatever is comfortable. I don't usually care about name brands or anything like that. I just go with what looks best on me and, yeah, it's got to be cool.

Kate, New Zealand
Fashion is not so important to me, but I do sometimes like to put an effort into how I look and into my appearance. I think that fashion expresses who you are and it can differentiate you from others but however on the other hand, people can judge you on fashion and your appearance and this is not a good thing. You should look further than the appearance.

Rina, Canada
Fashion is not important to me. I try not to be a slave to corporate logos and I just know what I like and I dress the way I like and if I see something that is in fashion and I like I'll wear it and if I see something that isn't in fashion, or is in fashion and I don't like it, I won't wear it.

Marion, Ireland
No, I don't think fashion is very important. I think it's more important to wear clothes that you're comfortble in and clothes that express your personality in some way, so perhaps sometimes I'll see something that's the latest fashion and I might like it but usually, if it's something a bit crazy, I don't like it, but sometimes, then after awhile, after I see a lot of people wearing it, it grows on me.


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