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Akane, Canada
What would be an ideal day on your day off? An ideal day I suppose would be to wake up really really late in the morning, maybe around 10 or 11am, and then have a late breakfast in bed and then maybe go out again for a late lunch with friends.

Al, England
My ideal day off would be breakfast in bed followed by a movie in the afternoon then a football game, live footbal game in the evening and dinner in a very nice restaurant and then a night club.

Jeanie, United States
OK, my ideal day off would be a combination of meditation and either extreme relaxation, like on a beach, lying in the sun, just really relaxing or doing extreme sports or something of that nature, like skiing, snowboarding, skydiving even.

Mark, United States
My ideal day off would likely be spent at the beach. You know one question people ask sometimes is, "Do you like the beach or the mountains better?" I am definitely a beach person, so if I have the day off, I'd love to go to the beach and maybe take a cooler with some drinks and get some sun, swim in the ocean. That's just my ideal anytime.

Naomi, Australia
An ideal day off for me would be spent laying on the beach, perhaps reading a book and swimming and hanging out with my friends or my little sister, maybe doing some sports, sometimes I like to play volleyball on the beach as well. Yeah, just a relaxing day off is the best for me.

Ruth, England
My ideal day off? Well, I would get up early so that I could make the most of the day and I wouldn't be tired and then I would probably go for a run and then have a yummy breakfast, and mybe meet my friends and go shopping and go out for lunch and then maybe go to the gym or something and then finish the evening by going out with friends, maybe going to the cinema and then going out for some drinks. That would be my perfect day off.


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